Thursday 11th November.

Last night was my last contribution to 'Is it madness. Is it beauty' by Clare Twomey at the Siobhan Davies Studios. Gill Clarke will take over until it finishes on Sunday at 6pm.

Look through the photos to go back in time to the beginning. Maybe someone will send me a picture of the last day to finish off the progression.

Two events happened last night:

After I'd been pouring water into vessels and mopping up the water as the vessels cracked and spilled their contents on the ground for about two hours, two women came into the room. They stood and watched and chatted, and sat and watched and chatted about monotony in general. About how my tasks were quite varied so maybe it wasn't so bad to be doing what I was doing... Then one woman started to relate to her friend the story of the dung beetle. How he gathered his ball of dung several times his own size and rolled it up a slope which took hours. As it reached the top he lost hold. The dung ball tumbled back to the bottom. The dung beetle collected his load and started up the slope...
They were in the room a long time, enjoying each others company, appreciating the piece, 'getting it'.

Later, when the room was completely empty, a man strode in. He looked around briefly and demanded that the invigilator tell him what it was all about. When he didn't get a reply that satisfied him, he turned to me as I mopped and asked "Why is it so wet in here?"
I continued mopping...