British Library residency progress...

Working title: Body 30' 57"

After many hours in the British Library listening booths listening to all the different interpretations of Cornelius Cardew's Treatise I could find and sketching at the same time, I fell for a version using pages 53, 58, 168 and 169. With Oren Ambarchi on guitar and Keith Rowe on tabletop guitar and recorded live at Bimhuis, Amsterdam on February 8th 2009 by Ron Ruiten. It is a beautiful, quiet sound scape which lends itself perfectly to my task of physical and dynamic interpretation.

Having done the largest sketching experiments I could do in a sound booth without raising eyebrows, I ordered a copy of the LP from Germany and set about some much bigger mark making. Using lengths of paper on the floor some nearly five metres long, and with the sound on my headphones, the charcoal sketches took as long as the music lasted and used Cardew's idea of a centre line or life line running through his score as an anchor.   

Here are some details from my drawings.

Body28 for blog.JPG
Body 28 for blog 4.JPG
Body 28 for blog3.JPG
Body 28 for blog 2.JPG