Cambridge, Ledbury, London. 8 July 2010

Thank you to Glenn Sujo for asking me to talk at Kettle's Yard. Great to meet you again and have the opportunity to listen to Professor Andree Grau and film producer Rodney Wilson.

Kettle's Yard

Thank you also to the Ledbury Poetry Festival and Siobhan Davies for the opportunity to dance for poets!

Festival Co Commission!
2. Differences by Siobhan Davies Dance

Siobhan Davies writes, “As a choreographer I experience both the excitement and difficulties of organising my material. Last year I began to read more poetry and I enjoyed it for its’ own sake completely, but it also allowed me to think about the disciplines poets might use as creative strategies. I recognised some behaviour and questions that could be common to both a choreographer and a poet. For instance, how do we find the most economical and accurate written or movement language”. Differences will involve one silent piece of choreography co commissioned by The Ledbury Poetry Festival and Siobhan Davies Dance and existing works by several writers. The dance and poetry will remain distinct and by placing them in the same context we might start a series of conversations about choreography and the writing of poetry and about how artists shape and phrase a work to hold it together as well as propel it out to the audience.