Scratch Scribble Scrawl.

Group Show at Aspex Gallery Portmouth

12th August to 25th October 2013

Alice Kettle, Tracey Rowledge, Sarah Warsop, Kim Gladwin, Amy Logan

 Creative thought often begins with or is expressed by a sketch, the drawn line is an integral part of human communication. Sketching, doodling or scribbling are all playful activities that can be used for escapism, articulation or exploration. In this exhibition we take a look at artists’ who are either influenced by or investigative of the drawn line and the hand-made mark.

Aspex Gallery is located in Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays behind Loch Fyne restaurant open 11 - 4 every day.

Sarah Warsop,    Body 30'57"   (detail), charcoal on paper, 2013

Sarah Warsop,  Body 30'57" (detail), charcoal on paper, 2013